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Functionalities of a watchA question we’re always asked is why would anyone in their right mind pay more than $5 for a watch. After all, it only needs to tell the time. Heck — why have a watch at all in this digital age of iDroids and Apples. Now that we’re on the subject, why would one pay $700 phone a mobile phone for that matter?

In our humble opinion society has got it all wrong and we’ll try to explain why. First, we need to draw a clear distinction about watches and what

separates the average from the exceptional. Let’s take automobiles for example. Everyone knows that a Ferrari is a big deal right? They cost lots of money, they go fast, they’re pretty loud, and they come in red. So they’re the same as your average Toyota then? Of course not! Sure, they get you from point A to point B but is the experience the same. How many people would turn and look at a Ferrari compared to a Toyota.

Watches are no different. You’ve got your Toyotas and you’ve got your Ferraris. They all tell the time but which one makes all the difference. The average Rolex takes 100 hours to assemble. What’s more, it’s all done by hand not to mention the precious materials that are used in the components. Gold, platinum, diamond are but a few of the precious materials you’ll find in the top flight of watches.

The mechanics of such pieces are another thing altogether. Some more modern watches are kinetic. This means they do not need charging or winding! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Apple. What’s more, these watches tend to be so accurate at keeping time that they outperform cosmology. Event the earth’s path through space, the typical measure of time, is less accurate than some of the watches available.Classy chronograph watch

So now you’re interested in getting yourself a new watch, we need to talk about cost. To feed your desire, you might want to check your favorable watches from the gray market watch dealer. If you’ve got a thousand dollars tucked away then, you’d better keep saving as the more expensive watches will cost you many tens of thousands of dollars. What’s more, the prices are only increasing! Why I hear you ask — because quality watches are scarce due to watchmaking being a dying trade. If you are on a tight budget and want to own an Omega watch, you can get a grey market Omega watch from trusted grey market sites or sellers.


Think about it, most handheld devices tell the time. Your phone tells the time. Your car tells the time. Pretty much everything tells the time. Gone are the days when a sundial was the average person’s best and only way to tell the time. Time is short but it has never been more abundant in today’s society.

So next time someone asks you for the time, count yourself lucky  and shoot the guy a strange look because there are no excuses. For those who can afford it, consider getting yourself a quality timepiece. If not to look good, or to tell the time maybe for an investment instead.